Browse (Catalogues)


Clicking Browse menu on the homepage will display pages of access points in the current catalogue. To search an item, apply the criterion by selecting or entering values in Catalogue, Search For, Entries/Page boxes.


Catalogue- ‘Catalogue’ allows you to select the catalogue to search such as Key Word, Author, and Title etc. It lists all the entries in the selected catalogue. Initially ‘Key Word’ catalogue is selected.


Search For- ‘Search For’ allows you to enter the search text. E.g. If you want to search for all Titles staring with ‘T’ then type ‘T’ in search for and click Search. This will display all Titles starting with ‘T’. Click on the hyperlink of an item to see the detailed entry.


Entries/Page- ‘Entries/Page’ allows you to select number of entries to be displayed per page.