Items Details

This page displays the details of an item such as bibliography, Cardex information, multimedia links, Circulation information, and loose issues information and reservations list.

The bibliography information contains bibliography, abstract and keywords assigned to that item. If that item is an article then this also contains a link as View Source, you can click on this link to see the details of the parent for that article.

If the selected item has multimedia links then links to those pages is provided in this page. You can click on these links to view the linked page.

This also shows the cardex, copy specific information depending on the Customization setting. The circulation information for all the copies of that item is also displayed in this page; you can click on the accession number of the issued item to reserve that item.

This also shows the accompanying material and analytical entry associated with the card.

If the selected item is bound volume then Loose Issues information for it is also displayed. Reservations list is also displayed in this page if the selected items have any reservations.

If that book is available on then you can see the preview and content of that book in a dialog.