Basket (Collection)

You can make a Basket (collection) of different items. While browsing if you click the hyperlink for the item, information for that item will get displayed in the tabular format. Two columns named ‘In Basket’ and ‘To Basket’ are present in the table. If you click the symbol present in ‘To Basket’ column, you will observe that respective check box will get selected in ‘In Basket’ column. This means you have selected the item as one of the item in the Basket. If you want to select all the items on the page, click Page To Basket button present at top right of the table. Make selection of different items that you want to keep in the Basket.

To see your Basket, click Show My Basket menu on the home page. All items in the Basket will be displayed. To remove the item from the Basket, click Remove button. To remove all the items from the Basket, click Clear BASKET button. To display bibliographic information for Basket items, click Bibliography button. Click on Download button to download the bibliography data in word format. Click on Print button if you want to take the print of it.